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This site is here to introduce you to examples of my creative work  from 1999 to the present based on over thirty three years  experience  serving the public, bringing dreams to reality. If you have questions or need help with your Chief Architect Inc. ™ software, Chief Architect™ generated working plans, models, or if you just need help with your remodeling or custom home plans, need help with your Web Site or multi-media presentations, I am available to help you, communicate to me today! I have happy satisfied clients in many of the United States, the Caribbean, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Africa, Asia and Russia.

David Jefferson Potter


What my clients say about me

Oh, how wonderful it is to deal with someone that can get a product!  Thanks so much David, it looks great.

D. B.       Austin, Texas


In just the brief few days that I've been visiting the Chief site it has become real apparent that you are not only a "guru" of Chief software, but also a very generous individual as demonstrated by not only the depth of your responses, but also the frequency of them. I just wanted to let you know that your willingness to "give back" to the industry is very much appreciated. I believe that teaching others is a gift that has many rewards that few truly dad used to always say "you will never be forced to truly learn the depths of a subject until you try to teach it to others"


J. V.        MN USA

Thanks very much. That was exactly what I wanted! U.M. (Builder-Conn.)

I recommended that the architects with whom I have been working ... contact you. R.B (Developer-N.M)

"Yes that was a "well done"!!! " K.B. (Home Builder-Georgia)

"You have been a blessing to us and a great help." J.F. (Home Owner-Ark.)

"That rendering was really impressive."  C.C.  (Builder-Utah)                                           

 "Your designs look great!"  P.B.  (Home Owner-Texas)

"I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  C. S. (Architect-Texas)        

"As usual (you are) exceeding my expectations. Thank you." D.P. (Home Owner-Md.)

"I reviewed the plans you sent and am very impressed.  Thank you again for helping us out in such a timely manner." J.P. (Designer-Wis.)

"He helped me out on a plan that I needed to get done ASAP. It was a 2800 sq.ft. custom home w/ sloping terrain & stepped footings. I asked a lot from him since I didn't seek help until the last minute. He came through for me w/ flying colors." J.L. (Builder/Designer-Mi.)

"Today I've spent several hours going through Plan 200.  It's great.  I'm making a list of questions about how you've done some things but will hold off for a few days to get a good list going. I am very happy with your work." K.R. (Builder/Developer-Texas)

"What you have done so far looks wonderful.  I'm extremely pleased with what you have done. Yes, your suggestion for the ceiling has helped a lot. I'm in the process of completing that project as well. Again thanks for what you are doing. It looks great." M.K. (PE-Calif.)




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